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My MySims OC Lumina by xXRadiantNightmareXx My MySims OC Lumina :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 0 0 Riviain Tyrant one of my MapleStory OC's. by xXRadiantNightmareXx Riviain Tyrant one of my MapleStory OC's. :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 1 1 Axia and Forest my Pokemon Ranger OC's by xXRadiantNightmareXx Axia and Forest my Pokemon Ranger OC's :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 0 0 Random drawing of Toothless. by xXRadiantNightmareXx Random drawing of Toothless. :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 1 0 My MySims OC welcomes you all! by xXRadiantNightmareXx My MySims OC welcomes you all! :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 0 0 Sketch of my OC Gale. by xXRadiantNightmareXx Sketch of my OC Gale. :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 0 0 Sketch of my OC Taelorn. by xXRadiantNightmareXx Sketch of my OC Taelorn. :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 0 0 Sketch of Magnus Tyrant from MapleStory by xXRadiantNightmareXx Sketch of Magnus Tyrant from MapleStory :iconxxradiantnightmarexx:xXRadiantNightmareXx 0 2


Meeting (Reader x Silver)
You're obsessive.
You hate everyone.
You act all cocky and tough,
But I know better.
You're sweet.
You're kind.
You're cold and disobedient maybe.
But no one could see the real you.
It took many years yeah.
But I saw it.
I saw the real you.
You may be hurtful.
Heck, you may even be a downright douche.
But understand me, I won't give up.
I'm '____'(First name and last name) and I will find the real you Silver.

:butterfly: :star::butterfly::star::butterfly::star::butterfly::star::butterfly::star:[:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)]:[Star!]:[:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)]
 I had met him on the start of my journey, he was a real douche honestly but did I care? Nope. Heck he was pushy but I knew it was a act. Let's go back to that memory now shall we?
[:butterfly: (Butterfly)] [Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)][Star!][:butterfly: (Butterfly)]
:iconsskanegirl90:SSkanegirl90 84 16
Springtime Fletchlings by TsaoShin Springtime Fletchlings :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 9,724 802
I love you Cywren
"Where the hell is she!" I yelled as I slammed past the solider guarding the door to Cywren's room. I had just recovered from the explosion. The explosion...
1 week earlier: "She did it! she did it" me, Copper, and Sarah cheered. I turned to the glass wall of the chamber.
"You did it Cywre-" I saw it. Her limp body sprawled across the floor of the chamber. "C-Cywren?" I choked. The others turned towards me. I heard their gasps, but I kept staring at her. "" I couldn't believe it. I was staring at the girl who had saved my life time and time again. The girl who taught me that there is a logical solution to everything, and that I can accomplish anything if I just think. The girl who is amazing enough to be able to trust anyone and everyone in her path, from the common waste lander, to a Super mutant, to a man that had an army ready to kill her at a moments notice. I was standing hear watching the woman that-that I loved. I couldn't  take it.
"Time bomb...I'm so sorry" Sar
:iconmasternixon:MasterNixon 33 11
Gaelan's Lullaby
Tell me why you had to go
Did you fall in the dirt, or in the snow?
I've lost nearly everyone, from the start
Now you left me with this emptiness in my heart
Don't tell me that it will all be well
For my life is already a bitter Hell
Would you have loved me throughout our years?
But now you aren't even here, to dry my tears
You have always watched over my sister, Vahl
A brother's duty, I was doomed to fail
And as I fought on a foreign field
You became her sword and her shield
Tell me please where your body lies
I just want to at least close your eyes
Tell me the names of those who ended your life
So that I may put them to my knife
So tell me where you wandered to
Fields of green or skies of blue?
Please tell me that when I die, you will be the first that I'll see
Tell me Lydia... Why did you leave... Me?
:iconmcab719:MCab719 27 26
Squid Brothers by TysunamiWolf Squid Brothers :icontysunamiwolf:TysunamiWolf 25 34 Velderoth the Jerk by Windaura Velderoth the Jerk :iconwindaura:Windaura 17 12 Velderoth meets his younger self by Windaura Velderoth meets his younger self :iconwindaura:Windaura 7 25 Like father like daughter by AngelofHapiness Like father like daughter :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 402 39 Determination by challele Determination :iconchallele:challele 3,340 168 Esma and Nyx by darkstripelover111 Esma and Nyx :icondarkstripelover111:darkstripelover111 10 11 Totem-time! by Miharichu-Emi Totem-time! :iconmiharichu-emi:Miharichu-Emi 21 4 Gargoyle Sora by RickyBOB Gargoyle Sora :iconrickybob:RickyBOB 154 62


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